Pokérus rearranges over a dozen classic Pokémon themes in 'PokéMemories Vol.01'

Pokerus begins a very long journey wih the album PokeMemories Volume 1. Over a dozen classic Pokemon themes comprise merely the first of a planned four disc compilation. With a name like Pokerus, it's clear there are plenty of Pokemon based memories to dig through for inspiration. 

“PokéMemories Vol.01” is the first of 4 albums fully dedicated to the Pokémon music. Each of these tracks pays tribute to all the beautiful memories, friendships, opportunities and nice moments the franchise has gave me through my entire life to this day.

It’s a very personal album, so I hope you really like it! :D
released July 1, 2016

- Arrangements, Recordings, Mixing, Mastering, Album Art and Sketchbook Illustrations by Patricio “Pokérus” Thielemann.

- Vibraphones on “Bianca’s Gift” by Doug Perry
- Voices in “Liberation” by Patricio Thielemann, Fernando Maldonado, Marisol Santibañez, Constanza Navalón, Rodrigo Faure, Fernanda Kauak, Claudio Ovalle and Paula González.
- Voices in “A Man With No Power” by Patricio Thielemann, Marisol Santibañez, Sergio Soto and Javier Cabezas.
- Guitar Solo on “Hail Giovanni!” by Grant “Stemage” Henry.
— Pokérus