Support: Mazedude announces Kickstarter for American Pixels - a Game Music Tribute Album

Get your wallets out, this is a good one. Mazedude has announced a Kickstarter to finance an all new musical tribute to a few incredible US based video game composers. With all my yammering about Yasonuri Mitsuda, Motoi Sakaruba, and Kinuyo Yamashita, I know I'm guilty of forgetting the many incredible composers for the ever growing list of great Western produced games. Both AAA titles like DC Universe (Gerard K. Marino), Brutal Legend (Peter McConnell), and Mass Effect 2 (Jack Wall), as well as indie games Liquid Tribes (Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson), and Mighty Switch Force 2 (Jake Kaufman) are well represented among over a dozen tracks.

It's already been ten years since the American Album? How time flies. and I've been listening to Mazedude since even before that. Back in them good ole dial-up / OCReMix days of yore.'Yore' meaning circa 2001. I have to imagine the first track I heard from Mazedude was either 'Island of Zeal' (Chrono Trigger) or 'Norfair Deathmarch" (Super Metroid). The point is, Mazedude has been at it for years, and it gets none better, especially in the American made, American remixed tracks from his (with your help) American series of albums. 

Be sure to check out Mazedude's Kickstarter campaign, and donate anywhere between $1 and $3350 to reach that $5K goal in the next 29 days!