The latest hip hop EP from Jahn Rome, 'So I Can Sleep at Night'

The man's nerdy acumen is well documented, and his mic skills are in effect so I got to post about the latest from Jahn Rome, one half of the Marcus & Rome duo.

Another introspective collection of tracks from Jahn Rome that catches my attention from the moment I hit play, and damn good track, Run. Seriously get Rome's flows stuck in my head majorly and the only cure is repeated listens. 

The title is appropriate for those insomniacs that are kept awake by their own brain. All the tracks on So I Can Sleep At Night feel very 'of the moment' Im not sure how long this album took Rome to make, but I'm glad he got it off his chest, He went and wrote a song about it, and we are all better for it. 

All songs prod. by @owenyandere <3
Mixed & Mastered by me

Released May 6 2016 //
— Jahn Rome