Relax with Animal Crossing tribute album, 'The Kollection' by Turning Point 5

A soothing trip through the sounds of KK Slider, the most famous musician in the world of Animal Crossing. Turning Point 5 recreate the many sounds of KK Slider and Animal Crossing in their latest album.

“The Kollection” is an album of KK covers and remixes from the Animal Crossing series.

Every song opens (sometimes after a short intro) with a complete cover of the in-game, aircheck version of the song. Then, it expands into new sounds and ideas, with a few songs drawing inspiration from their live versions.

There are two things I’d like to achieve with this project:

1. In a way, I want to bring a little piece of Animal Crossing into the real world, and I hope to bring listeners’ hearts into their villages and familiar homes where these tracks may already be playing.

2. KK songs are something some players might not pay much attention to, so I want to show how musical and amazing these songs are. That’s why I cover the original airchecks first, then show just one possibility of what they sound like as whole pieces.

Animal Crossing is my favorite series. I’ve spent more time paying these games than any other.
This album is one way I’d like to show my love and appreciation to the series, and a thank you to the wonderful people at Nintendo who create it.

I had so much fun making these songs, and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them.
Please share with friends, family, and fellow Animal Crossing fans!
Thank you so much for all the support.
It’s what keeps us going. :)

And thanks to my dad for helping out with the solos in KK Bossa!

Stream it on YouTube:

Fun facts:
-I recorded a ukulele live for KK Calypso (Which fell out of tune a little…)
-I also recorded drums live for KK Stroll and KK Fusion
-Halfway through KK Fusion is a section where a piano and synth play familiar Animal Crossing melodies. Can you name them all? Click on ‘info’ next to KK Fusion for the answers. :D
— Turning Point 5