Album full of colorful chiptune fusion, 'AlterNative bits' by Yoann Turpin

Yoann Turpin blows my mind every time I hit play on one of his jams. I'm taking it back a bit, since I only recently started bumping him on heavy rotation. This album is from early 2016, and contains many a vibrant chiptune funk jam. This one is worth some intense listening, you don't want to miss any of those sly riffs Turpin drops throughout each track. Nothing but good feelings on this album. I plan to be following Yoann Turpin around quite a bit.

“AlterNative bits” is a fusionish and chiptunish album. This reflects the kind of dialogue I have had for a long time, with my musical influences from all the individual project or group I’m invovled in.
I have heard many people speaking on Alternative or Fusion music, this is my response. I hope you enjoy it and many thanks to Chiptunes=WIN Community !
— Yoann Turpin