Ocean front grooves in 'Godzilla's Summer Vacation' from Groovy Godzilla

Grooving on a destructive afternoon. 

I love getting down to these calming flows as I slowly die from heat exposure. The double G resides in Socal, so maybe he gets it. We are all sweltering under the same sun here. I really can't get off the topic of how hot it is. Heat exhaustion has fueled a myriad of endeavors for me, including writing this post. 

Wind down from a long day of deadly attacks upon you by the giant angry ball that refuses to let up, by enjoying this album during a cold shower, or when sitting in your car running the AC because it works so much better than the AC in your home. There I go again. 

Tuning in from Monster Island, Godzilla is cruisin’ his way over for a summer vacation we’ll never forget! Shout out to all you cool cats out there bumpin’ these jams at your local kickback, and groovin’ to the monstrous sounds. I hope you find these sounds rad, and thanks for scopin’ out the grooviest kaiju on the internet!

Also, Check out my buddy AEONMEMBER, he did a rad job on our collab song, and his stuff is GROOVY: aeonmember.bandcamp.com

This album is free, but donations (Pay Your Own Price) are welcome to support new groovy music production stuff monster size!
— Groovy Godzilla