FM chip based metal in the HARD RESET [EP] by Mrsonic699 & General Offensive

Blast processing. 

Hope you love the FM chip because oh shit. This is some great teamwork from Mrsonic699 and General Offensive. This album has sunk it's teeth in me. I am in such need of a VG Metal podcast. That crunchy FM chip sitting in the Sega Genesis gets me every time, especially with the intense rock style that leaves you with a sense of dread, and a need to rock out on every track.

HARD RESET, the collaborative album between Mrsonic699 and General Offensive, hopes to bring you the huge power and richness of the rough 16-bit Genesis/Mega Drive synths, combined with modern flavour and blood-pumping rock music!
It spans over multiple musical genres, composed in a fresh, but nostalgic modern style.

We bring this album to you as a free download, but upon purchasing it, you will be emailed bonus tracks and exclusive content from us as soon as possible! One new original composition, one 16-bit remix of General Offensive’s “In Blissful Ignorance”, vgm and vge tracker files for the track “Whisky Gloves”, which means you can look at all the composition and instruments of the song, or play it on real hardware!

MRSONIC699 (Teodor Dumitrache)

GENERAL OFFENSIVE (Alexandru Ungureanu)

JREDD (Trevin Hughes)
— General Offensive