Aviscerall releases video game hip hop remix album Nostalgia Infinite

Let the nostalgia wash over you

Chill beats from right in my backyard, well at least an hour away from my backyard. I'm always excited to find artists relatively nearby like the Moreno Valley, California based Aviscerall. He also created an Earthbound mashup mixtape I have to get around to discussing in depth at some point, because I can't resist anything EB/hip hop.

The album is a rich blend of flowing video game based hip hop beats. Definitely great background music to work on this blog to.

Nostalgia Infinite is a milestone for me as an Artist. I’m releasing this at the beginning of the new year (2015) as I (Aviscerall) feel like this a rebirth of my style as a hiphop artist. It’s more traditional hip hop now, but at the same time powerful, and full of feeling. This album means a lot to me, since it’s the first project I sat down, and took seriously. I worked very hard on this, until I achieved a sound I really wanted to express and share. It’s also very inspired by my favorite hip hop artists, Nujabes, J Dilla, Crystal Tokyo, and Vanilla, so there is a lot of influence from these guys, but yet I feel it is all still unique to myself. Anyways, that’s enough insight to the album. I really hope you enjoy this album as much as I do, and thank you for taking the time to listen, and support me!
— Aviscerall