All new chiptune album 'Adventure Select' by Oxvylu

Chiptune Travelling. 

Oxvylu’s first full length album “Adventure Select” is finally here! This is a follow-up to a split EP with Bit-Face released by Sinkhole Texas Records, and will not disappoint. An instant classic with songs like Cinder Dust, Recycle Robot Face and Blankets, you won’t want to miss this 8-bit trip into a videogame adventure through music! Even babies and toddlers will adore the melodies of Oxvylu... just sayin’.

Adventure Select by Oxvylu is now available for sale at

*NEW* Oxvylu Password,Recess and Ice Palace albums feature new artwork and are now remastered! Available for download at

About Oxvylu:
The artist behind Oxvylu grew up in Canada in the 80’s, and his influences range from plugging videogame systems into his home stereo when it was considered bizarre - to meeting with rock icons backstage at concerts such as Metallica, Guns ‘n Roses, Marilyn Manson, Cypress Hill and Ice-T. The end result of Oxvylu’s music is absolutely authentic, super inspired and 8-bit!
— Oxvylu