The GM4A Weekly VGM Recap for November 24-30, 2014

With Smash Bros and the holidays coming on strong, not to mention plenty of NBA basketball to watch, I've been coasting on fumes lately when it comes to leisurely blogging time. Luckily tons of new music has helped me regain my focus.

I tend to feel that every month of the year has strong musical releases, but much like the beloved video games we are inspired by, it seems that the majority of great VGM comes out around the holidays as well. Whether this is out of luck, habit, or is just this writer's own confirmation bias, but it feels like the months of November and December are red hot as far as great music is concerned.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been checking out this site. As the months (and soon, another year) shift forward, I hope to reveal more projects and posts for the website, so keep us bookmarked, and click on all them social media links below.

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