Kickstarter: Support The String Arcade Recording


Video game composer Dren McDonald has recently started a very interesting Kickstarter. He hopes to arrange and record a type of aural history of video games. McDonald describes his project as, "a well curated collection of music that works together thematically as a completed recording."

"We also hope to inspire young musicians with this recording by making a connection between video game music and 'classical' instruments such as violin, viola and cello." McDonald says.

A list of possible songs to include is also listed on the Kickstarter page. I'm excited to see Mario RPG among their plans! To think some of Yoko Shimomura's amazing music will find its way into this project makes my heart sing.

The String Arcade Recording Kickstarter ends on August 28, 2013, and is aiming for $6000 to be fully funded. Minimum donations begin at $2.