Dude Whatever It's Summer 2013 mixtape by Team Teamwork

tumblr_inline_mqhzy5yTFH1qz4rgp I have been listening to Team Teamwork and his summer mixtapes for the past several years, but with the release of Dude, Whatever, It's Summer 2013 (and that SMB3 intro) I can finally share with you the awesomeness of this odd but mood setting compilation of banging beats and classic jams.

Team Teamwork uses his mashing, clipping, and sampling prowess to create 45 minutes of pop hits like you've never heard them before. That SMB3 intro Yo La Tango is the first glimpse of what's to come. All of this creates the perfect set of tunes to blast while driving to the beach (or sitting inside writing). All I know is that, when that California sun is heaving down flaming heat balls upon me, it is time for some Team Teamwork!

Dude Whatever It's Summer 2013 by Teamteamwork on Mixcloud