Check out 3DS Buzz and their in-depth 3DS XL review

Recently, the website 3DS Buzz held a contest giving away a brand new 3DS XL. The contest consisted of answering about thirty video game trivia questions. I mention all this because it would seem that my endless knowledge of video games actually came in handy, and I am the proud soon to be owner of a brand new 3DS XL thanks to the crew over at 3DS Buzz. For anyone else interested in the 3DS XL, 3DS Buzz has just posted one of the most in-depth reviews of the 3DS XL I have seen.

They have a few more contests happening as well, so definitely get in on those while there is still time.

Thanks again to the folks over at 3DS Buzz, and hope they let some more nerds make use of their Nintendo knowledge again soon!