Dj CUTMAN - The Legend of Dubstep mixtape release

So there are those who like dubstep, and those who do not. I am firmly in the former camp, and in case you don't believe where my loyalties lie, then just ask me how much I love this new mixtape by Dj CUTMAN. Right from the cold opening of Arion's Pokémon Dubstep Theme Song as it builds into Pikachu dropping a lightning bolt of warbling bass, I'm already on board for the next 40 minutes.

The Legend of Dubstep heads out from the world of Pokemon to visit my old friend Spamtron with his NES Mix of Lost Woods. We hear more great Zelda remixes from Ephixa, including his own rendition of Lost Woods, and my personal favorite, Song of Storms. a classic Tetris tune by Doctor P, and get a little heavy hearted with remixes of Corrider of Time (Chrono Trigger) and Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy 6) via Mekamodo, and Yeahdef respectively. Added all together you wind up with over half an hour of pulsating bass and chopped up, remixed VGM.

I highly suggest setting this album to play next time you are throwing down in a round of Mortal Kombat or the fighting game of your choice. I may be a little biased, but I am pretty sure every fight was more awesome with dubstep.

That brings me to a question. What will be the first game to throw down with an original dubstep soundtrack. Although, I hope, with asking the question, someone will point me to an amazing one that has already been made. Then I won't even have to do any of the leg work.

Anyway, go grab this album via Dj CUTMAN's website. Then let him know that if he ever does another dubstep mix, that Zircon's latest track, Ashes to Ashes, included on the recently released Harmony of a Hunter, has got to be worked in somehow.