Coova and little-scale - Two Warriors EP release

After having met at Blip Festival 2009, Coova and little-scale signed a treaty to merge their respective battalions and combine their unique combat styles in order to ward off evil enemy forces. Coova’s artillery of choice is the Nintendo Game Boy with the Nanoloop 1.5 ammo cartridge whilst little-scale’s war science research department has developed a weaponised strain of the SEGA Nomad. The result is an armed force to be reckoned with, ready to do battle on any audio playback system at high volumes.

We are going to be playing catch up quite a bit these days, but we will try not to leave anyone behind! Here's another great album that I missed during the sites recent dry spell. Coming our way by the folks over at 8bitpeoples, Two Warriors from Coova, and little-scale. Considering all the praise I heaped upon little-scale and his older releases, not to mention the oddity and grace that is Coova, who I have been an avid fan of since hearing the eclectic sounds of her 2009 release with Bud Melvin.