Two new releases from Pterodactyl Squad

Pterodactyl Squad recently made it's first releases of the year with Videogame Orchestra's BiTBOTiZED, followed soon after by Bit_Rat's Alberta EP. As usual, both are available for free - go check 'em out while they're fresh!

In BiTBOTiZED, Videogame Orchestra have taken some of their favourite tracks from the 20th century and re-imagined them as if played and sung by old games consoles and computers. Rather than simple, innocent themes of love, these tracks are now bursting with 8-bit sounds and technological innuendo!

Download BiTBOTiZED by Videogame Orchestra

Bit_Rat went on a cheese binge and threw up this rad pile of chiptunes! Coded in one 15 hour sitting, the Alberta EP is a manic splurge of old school sounds with phrases of dubstep, metal and generally frantic rhythms thrown in for good measure.

Download Alberta EP by Bit_Rat