Boobs and Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque Review by Neal Morrison

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of updates these days, GM4A is going under a bit of restructuring, but don't fret. I know you have been crying yourself to sleep waiting for those awesome updates on the world of VG music and culture, but weep no more, for good pal Neal 'Neally' Morrison has a great review of the recent show in his hometown in Chicago. Read on for the full report! ------

A week ago a friend of mine was holding a event at the upstairs of a bar in Chicago and while walking down the street a poster caught my eye. It was Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers, growing up a nerd who would rather spend time in front of a Nintendo than walk two houses over to play with his friends, I was interested. "Boobs and Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque" stared me in the face. The poster more then had my attention at this point and when I got home I contacted the venue and made an appointment for the next weeks show.

I want to mention how nice the venue was, this was my first time attending the Gorilla Tango Theatre and from *e-mails to the venue to actually going to the show, everyone was extremely easy to work with, in the lobby you can purchase beer and wine for the show. Inside the venue itself is a very intimate room with a stage at ground level with a curtained off door at the back, and the walls were decorated with familiar bricks and question mark boxes.

As the crowd began to fill up the room (and it was a sold out show.) a buzz of excitement filled the air, the lights lowered and a girl steps out behind the curtain, holds up a Nintendo Gamecube controller and hits the start button followed by our old heroes Mario and Luigi dancing onto the stage to the Mario theme thus beginning the show.

The story of the show, which while admittedly is a bit silly, reminded me a lot of the old 80s "Super Mario Brothers Super Show" live segments. I can imagine "Captain" Lou Albano and Danny Wells dressed as women and following a similar script, however there was no need for that, all the characters were played by very "beautiful ladies".

The characters from the game are well adapted into the show things like Toad having Mario and Luigi win "Items", Luigi's frightfulness and Bowser's exaggerated laugh gave me a feeling of nostalgia. Many game references were made throughout the show, which felt very well placed keeping the show honest to its reference material.

The burlesque dances were well done, and were performed in a way where they did not take away from the story going on the visuals on some of the dances were very interesting especially for many of the villains like Boo and the Koopa Troopa.

Altogether I felt the show was well thought out and extremely enjoyable I had to put my camera down many times because I laughed so much, I really cannot express how funny the show and the actors in it were. from video game references to the small mannerisms Mario expressed, the crowd laughed the whole way through and left the show feeling great.

Boobs and Goombas is playing at The Gorilla Tango Theater, 11pm Fridays and Saturdays throughout February. Ticket information can be found at

* I want to thank Kelly the Marketing/PR Coordinator for Gorilla Tango for being such a pleasure to work with at making this review happen.

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