THE ANSWER ~ Armored Core Tribute Album ~ [PREVIEW EDITION] release

Looks like Another Soundscape is back to work on an album full of video game remixes. In his classic style of electronic dance tunes, he is now paying tribute to the soundtrack to Armored Core. Not so fast though, the album is coming out this December, but lucky for you, Anouther Soundscape has decided to upload some amazing preview tracks to satiate your taste right now. Over at Another Soundscape's bandcamp page we have, for free download, five incredible tracks from the forthcoming THE ANSWER ~ Armored Core Tribute Album.

The album kicks off with the powerful, and catchy Morning, Thinker, an ambient dance track with some robotic vocals that certainly put you in the right mood for giant robots. Don't let the intro fool you though, as the song progresses we are hit with some rocking guitars and slamming drums to add to those giant robots with some aggressive fight music. From there we move to the hard rocking Twisted on the Surface, which combines some heavy riffs alongside some catchy electronic flourishes and piano that swirl together in a fantastic sonic treat. Half rock epic, and half piano laden sonata, this track definitely stands out as my favorite from these five preview tracks.

Now it's time to start Dropping Atoms with the third piece of music here. An adventurous electronic beat has us racing along some ambient leads held together by some very funky bass lines. If I was to cover a song live, it would definitely be this one, with it's jazzy mood, and smattering of styles. We've now passed the half way mark with RAY of Speed, another uptempo track in the same vein as the sampler opener. We get some over the top drum crashes mixed in with more of those infectious vocals, and combined with more catchy synth riffs and a vibe that shifts from rave to rock with incredible ease. This sampler sadly closes quickly with the final movement, Apex in TECHNO. Drums and washed out backing sounds kick off this reprise style ending, before shifting into a moody piece with wavering highs and a rolling piano tune. The track, and this album ultimately come to a close as all the instruments fall away and we are left with a somber and lonely piano belting out the last few notes.

That wraps it up for the preview, and if you are anything like me, you are pretty excited to hear the album in it's entirety. For great electronic dance funk rave rock inspired by video games, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone rocking any one or multiple of these styles harder than Another Soundscape, so be sure to head over to the Another Soundscape bandcamp and get your own taste of the album now. Word from Anosou is that the full album will be dropping this December, so keep an eye out for what's sure to be one of the bigger releases of this winter. Also, why not head over to Another Soundscape's official site and grab his amazing debut original album We Express Ourselves With T-Shirts as well!