FuturNari - Another Unlikely Hero EP release and mini review

There is a new denizen in Beep City, and he is quite the story teller. He came into town one day speaking of kidnapped princesses, a kingdom full of living mushrooms, and that he alone was the savior of such a world. The man called himself FuturNari, and the founders of Beep City have committed his strange tale to tape, and that tale can now be heard by the world as the album Another Unlikely Hero.

Immediately we are sucked into a high-pitched storm of perilous notes with Breaker of Bricks. The track has a fast paced yet ominous tone to it, with an interesting building and breaking down throughout the track, before fading away into the slower, almost melancholy mood in Devourer Of Mushrooms. This track takes on a similar tone to the first track, but with a more organized, almost marching like beat that creates a thumping, hard to resist rhythm.

Next up is my favorite track from the album, the epic,l over the top tones in Conjurer Of Fire. This track builds higher and higher and creates a lively, heroic theme, as if the visitor to this world has come to terms with it's nuances and can now harness the strange properties of this world to his own benefit. The final track in this sadly too short EP is, Saviour Of Toadstools, a track that layers sound effects and glitched out sounds over a serene foundation of music, creating a fluctuating, adventurous track, that somehow still remains just as ominous and foreboding as all the tracks preceding it.

It is very hard to quantify this album. It is like if you played Super Mario Bros during an alien invasion. As the music plays you can imagine the extra terrestrial's ships floating across the city, and individuals peering in your window with their inhuman glassy black eyes. It is a wholly unnerving experience, but a musically amazing one that has to be heard. All I can say, is this is a great album (which you can download here), but do not listen to it while on psychotropic drugs...such as mushrooms.