The Bossfights release debut tracks for free download

Coming off of the amazing performance held at Nerdapalooza earlier this summer, epic rock group The Bossfights fronted by nerdcore rappers ZeaLouS1 and Dr. Awkward have released their first three singles for free download. The songs are available for download on the appropriate blog page.

The three tracks kick off with the zombie infested track Left4Dead, which kicks off things with a ton of energy, which you need when trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. From there we hear another great new track, Eye of the Rising Sun. With catchy vocals, and a bad ass solo, this is definitely a stand out track on the short EP. The setlist comes to a close with the tribute/nerdcore anthem Frontalots. This is a great way to end the tracks, and also a great way to be introduced to nerdcore as well. This album packs a ton of power in it, and while listening to it, it's difficult to not get completely pumped up. I've been waiting for some tracks to throw on ever since these guys made their debut earlier this year, and they are certainly getting far very quickly. Definitely head over to and grab these three over the top epic tracks today, they will definitely wet your appetite for both heavy rock and in your face rap.