ilp0 - Mega Man Remix Album release

It's about time I get to talking about this amazing album from OCReMixer and musician ilp0 who you may know from the aforementioned OCReMix or on our very own Iwadon album. Well last year he created his first full length album in tribute to Mega Man and named it, simply, Mega Man Remix Album and it is available free to download. The album takes you on a journey through out the entire, and often overlooked Mega Man 1 soundtrack, from the laid back acoustic opening of Mega Man's Happy Place, a mixture of the Stage Select screen along with Elecman's stage, to the over the top piano and guitar driven track Gutslaughter (which is of course Gutsman's stage theme). Personal favorite for me is the laid back funk rock style of Morning Walk In the Burning City which has an amazing western vibe to it, but still keeps a hard rock drive mixed in with some funk riffs. Definitely a stand out track among a list of great songs.

This is certainly a must hear compilation, even in the heavily populated arena of Mega Man remixes. This album takes all the songs in disparate yet impressive directions, from funk, and rock, to metal and acoustic. Don't be a fool like me and wait to hear this one, download it now, free, right through this link as it is definitely worthy of your time.