4 Years of GM4A With Moldilox of Beep City

I am glad to present our final guest post commemorating 4 years of GM4A related nonsense. This time I would like to introduce Joseph Luster, better known as Moldilox, Mayor of Beep City and chiptune extraordinaire.

Like all good loaves of bread, I lazily missed the period you humans call "June," during which Geno and the other fine folks of Game Music 4 All (heretofore referred to as GM4A for the sake of brevity and awesome acronyms) were celebrating their fabulous anniversary. Oddly enough, I find my tardiness appropriate, and not just because it's convenient and unapologetic for me to say so. GM4A should be celebrating its anniversary every month of every year as far as I'm concerned, because you won't find a more friendly and open example of a community that, for the most part, is known for being friendly and open.

GM4A has not only been instrumental in exposing me to artists and releases I may have otherwise missed out on, but the lengths to which Geno goes to help promote artists—myself and everyone else associated with Beep City included—are consistently above and beyond the call of duty.

In the duration I've spent following the site, I've seen it grow from news and reviews with the occasional release to a full-blown label, almost slyly. I say that because there's no supposition on GM4A's behalf that one is above the other, or that they've risen beyond being a cool blog posting about cool music. In reality, they have, but they've done so in a way that marries the acts of reporter, label, and even live show promoter.

Beyond the many facets of GM4A, what strikes me most about this site is the contagious enthusiasm. Read one of Geno's reviews, for instance; seriously, just pick one at random and give it a gander. That's real love for the subject matter. I remember when Djinnocide and I first kicked off Beep City with the idea of posting music through a portal of fabricated game concepts, and Geno totally got it right off the bat. Better yet, he played along with the idea, running with his own imaginative tangents that made his write-ups a joy to read.

So yes, there is actual writing here, not just links and pasted press releases. On the flipside of the site's reporting, you have projects like Iwadon, the Hiroyuki Iwatsuki tribute. Talk about a beast of work, and yet it was a heavy workload GM4A followed through with thanks to mad community cooperativeness and, of course, lots of passion.

That's what GM4A is about to me. Sweaty, flesh-slapping Cinemax passion for music.

So here's to my brother from another mother, Genoboost. If you're just now exposing yourself to the ever-exciting world of chip music and other game-related audio treats, you've got your peepers pointed at the right website.

Thanks again to Moldilox, and Beep City, and all the awesome folks that reside there for the constant support and this fantastic write up. Be sure to keep up with them for tons of chiptune albums and singles!