Get _ To Nerdapalooza Fund 2010: Dr. Awkward Fundraiser

So if you are heavy into the nerdcore community, as well as the nerdcore mecca that is Nerdapalooza, you may or may not already know that I, as well as Lo Tech of GeekPeekPost have been plugging away at our community fundraiser. We call it, the simple, but explanatory Get _ To Nerdapalooza Fund and seek to get one artist to Nerdapalooza each year. This year we are working together to get Scrub Club Records artist and rising hip hop musician Dr. Awkward.

We are not just simply taking donations though, we are lucky enough to have a very giving community of artists who are donating tons of merchandise to give away to some lucky donators.

So here are the rules: You can donate any amount you like to the cause Through the 'DONATE' section of the main site. Donating $10 get's you one raffle ticket, and every subsequent $5 will buy you another ticket for the raffle. You will receive your tickets AT Nerdapalooza, and either must be present to win, or contact us to make arrangements for a friend to pick them up in case your name is drawn as a winner. Once you receive your tickets at Nerdapalooza you can enter them into Raffle A or B as you see fit.

Check out the image below for some of the great Prizes from Raffle A

Don't forget that there is also a Raffle B which can be seen over at the main raffle site. Hope to award one of you fine folks with some great prizes when we announce the prize winners this July in Florida!