4 Years of GM4A With Marcos G of Rhythmroo

Just like the recent post from Z., we once again have an amazing guest writer from this world of internet nerdery. I present The great Marcos G from rhythmroo. A fellow writer in arms against the oppressive forces of awful noise against good music. Anyway, before I start writing rhythmroo fanfiction, here is his guest article! Four years of Game Music 4 All! Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Hi, I’m Marcos G. You may remember me from such Blogs as Blog Blogity Bloooog and Blog Blogity Bloooog 2: Return of The Blog Blogity Blogger. I’ve been following Mr. Genoboost now for around 2 years on Game Music 4 All. It was all thanks to my persistent video game music band searching on myspace that lead me to the eventual discovery of the Mr. Mosquito Green-Colored Blog. I thought nothing of it at the time; It was simply a video game music Blog. But I was greatly mistaken… for I soon realized something grand was afoot. A Super Mario RPG Compilation was in the works!

After the release of the album, I made sure to keep tabs on the man in case he released anything else I may greatly enjoy. The very thing did happen with the release of “Welcome to World 2” that summer of ‘08. “WTW2” is by far one of my most cherished Doujin album ever. Something stirred in me, something that caused a ruckus and refused to calm down until it’s hunger was satisfied. It was strong desire to write about game music.

I started a blog, this one is real though guys (haha), called VGTO! Reviews a month before the “SMRPG compilation album released. The point of the Blog was to talk about game music and for reviewing albums that were game music related. I ended up reviewing some of GM4A’s releases in result, as well as other game music bands/solo projects/game soundtracks. Though my first couple of reviews were not GM4A releases, Chrono series reviews actually, I eventually had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts and kind words of the “Welcome to World 2”compilation. It was only until after the release of the SMRPG album and “WTW2” review that I would find myself coming back to GM4A anticipating new blog posts. Fortunately, the Iwadon album is coming out soon in regards to compilations!

Today I run many smaller blogs around the internet under different aliases dealing with video game music posts and such. My major blog though is Rhythmroo.com, where I speak about video game music, my thoughts, and linking off to free game music albums I pass by. Much hasn’t really changed for me, just the name of things and blog appearances, but theme will always remain: Video Game Music.

Final words: My many thanks goes out to Anthony of GM4A for creating such a wonderful blog in regards to game music. The posts, the compilations, the conversations, GM4A Records; Everything. A great and valuable asset to the Video Game Music culture you are. I hope that GM4A receives the big break it deserves.

Marcos G

Thanks to Marcos for writing something up, and for letting me yell at him on AIM every time I hear bad music on the radio or TV!