Attack Slug - The Lowest Point EP

Looks like nerdcore hip hop rapper Attack Slug has dropped his newest EP since the well receive Achievement Unlocked album which came out way back in 2008 (and still gets plays from me on a regular basis). The new album, The Lowest Point, is five tracks of nerdcore, but unlike a lot of the upbeat tunes of other artists, Attack Slug takes on some more serious topics about living in these life and times of the internet age.

The album is a short trip, clocking in at just under 13 minutes. Kicking off with the dreary intro, Disillusionment, we get an idea of what the EP is going for in terms of mood. This drops us right into the opening track No Love. We are greeted by a laid back beat alongside Attack Slug's signature voice and rap style. The tracks all come through well, and the pace moves briskly so that none of the songs overstay their welcome, and invite repeated listens. The songs all fit together very well and none of them sound out of place on the EP.

The final track is also the title track, The Lowest Point, and starts off with a sunken, dark vibe which leads to a quick verse to close out the EP and make a succinct point about what this album has been all about.

You can grab this EP, and I highly recommend you do, over at The Lowest Point page on Attack Slug's website.