Zealous1 announces new group BossFights with first live show

For those who don't know, ZeaLouS1 has been hidden away in his top secret underground bunker concocting a new scheme of epic proportions. Just this past week he unveiled his plan for the world, and the news is that he has leveled up from solo artist, to full band. Now including the likes of Mr. Wizard and Bishop pulling guitar and bass duty, as well as Juggernaut on drums. Their first performance was a bit impromptu but appropriately at a LAN center of course. DIZeLAN Frag Center to be exact. The show was of course epic, with BossFights debuting several new songs as well as recreated ZeaLous1 classics. You can find several videos from their first performance at their brand new youtube page. You can also watch the new rendition of the classic ZeaLouS1 track, Army of Nerdcore below!