Moldilox - Flamin' Hot Cheatcodes album release

The rowdy bunch of Beep City are back once again! This time for the release of Moldilox' debut album. Beep City presents to you, Flamin' Hot Cheatcodes. The album is 10 chiptune tracks of varying genres and styles. from the laid back intro Wistful Woods which create colorful images of cheery woodland views. This is a very good juxtaposition to the second track, the dark dangerous world of Mechanizer Metropolis.

My personal favorite track from this debut though, is the thoroughly catchy (in both name, and actual song) Action Vacation on Shuriken Island This upbeat tune creates an image of a vacationing ninja, with a ninja mask and swimming trunks who got trapped on an island filled with monsters, and has to fight his way out.

This is another great release from the group of folks over at Beep City, and well worth a download. Also don't forget to check out all their soundtrack singles releases as well! Particularly the catchy tune From Kingston to Deadwood.