Derris-Kharlan - Live album release

Derris-Kharlan, another in a long line of impeccably awesome Australian chiptune artists, has released a recording of a live performance via CalmDownKidder Records. The album is Live, and is available for free download. This release is definitely a surprise hit album for me and many others.

Live is nine tracks of catchy chiptune work and crunchy guitar riffs. Kicking off strong with Theme For a Jump Goat with fast paced chiptunes that swirl quickly around rough guitar work creating an upbeat adventurous tune through dark colorful landscapes. This all comes to a close in an ending that swells, then finally fades and blurs into Luna. Slower and more ominous than the opening track, Luna creates a tone that slides between foreboding dissonance and heart thumping energy. The guitar really takes a center role in this track, rising and diving beneath the elaborate chiptune work. This is probably my favorite track on the album, not least of all for the "objection!" at about 3:08 that sends the song whirling off in a feverish race to the end of the track.

The album is littered in more great tracks, such as the relaxing By The Bay, or another personal favorite, the great head bobbing rhythms of Oasis. I also have to mention the final piece of this album, the rocked out reprieve, Nexus. This track starts out as if it will be a simple laid back album ending, but quickly builds into a sonic assault that will definitely have you wanting to rock out.

All in all, this is a great album from beginning to end, and may be in the running for chiptune album of the year in my book. Head over to the appropriate download page and give this album a listen.