The Megas - Get Acoustic album release

The Megas are at it again, and this time, they have dimmed the lights to tell you the epic ballad of a man. A Mega Man. This new album is dubbed the simple but sense-making Get Equipped and is available from their online store as a digital download for $10. Here is some more info direct from their website.

What started as a recording of one track just for a fun recording project/something to give the forum fans turned into an entirely new album!

Get Acoustic is a track for track remix of the Get Equipped album, done with acoustic instruments... but there’s a twist! We are accompanied on the album by the Monsteropolis orchestra (programmed by Eric) to give it a new layer of epicosity.

That is the basics of it really. If you were a fan of The Megas debut Get Equipped, you will definitely love this simplified style which hosts 13 tracks, including a new acoustic version of their hard to find release (It's actually on our compilation Welcome to World 2) The Message From Dr. Light/Level Select. Not to mention all the original tracks from their debut album.

Stand outs for me included the awesome recreations of old favorites, like the even more Ballad like Promise of Redemption/Bubbleman. Also the orchestral backing to Programmed to Fight/Crashman creates a strangely appropriate build for this song, and probably creates a song even better than their original! My personal favorite from the album currently though, would have to be this newly arranged version of The Quick and the Blue/Quickman who's western duel style riffs work just as well as imagined with the acoustic guitar sounds of this album. This is definitely an album worth checking out, but I am sure if you are a fan of The Megas you have already headed over to their site to grab a copy for yourself.