Street Fighter 2010: Final Fight Arranged Album released

It's a new year and Washudoll, who you may know from the forums over at OCReMix has released an album based on perhaps the single best idea ever. Yes it is 2010, and I present to you Street Fighter 2010: Final Fight Arranged Album.

The album is a short EP of five selected tracks from the NES game Street Fighter 2010, ReMixed by Washudoll and released at the beginning of this year. You can grab the album for free and then discuss it's awesomeness over in the proper OCReMix thread.

The album touches on varying styles, like the opening, A Little Background, which starts off in the vein of an orchestrated RPG adventure. This quickly changes into an SNES era rock soundtrack reminiscent of other capcom games like Mega Man X in the second track, Enter Agent MX-5. My personal favorite track though is the somber piano driven finale, Road to the Final Fight. The dreary leads are given some funky electronic rhythms and creates a vibrant sound well worth hearing.

Be sure to check out the album for free over at Washudoll's official page for the album.