Sievert - Beyond the Frontier album release

If you have been hankering for some over the top, upbeat, fast paced chiptune shenanigans, then Handheld Heroes got you covered with their latest release from Sievert. The nine track Beyond the Frontier album drops an array of sound effects, tones, crunches, and bleeps. Starting with Space Captain's Anthem the album starts things off relatively slow, but quickly changes gears into breakneck speed, storming on through to the glitched up sound effect laden song Space Mines Ahead!. Another great tune is the dream like Starblaster!, which plays like a bright and sunny NES adventure game set on fast forward. I also have to mention the stand out track, the credits sounding ending theme, Aboard the X-Infinity. This track pulsates with crunchy beats wrapped inside a high pitched candy coating of blips and chirps.

As you can tell, it is a bit difficult to describe this album, but trust I am getting my words correctly when I say that this is another grade-A release from Handheld Heroes, and I am very glad they have introduced me to the musician known as Sievert. Don't forget to grab the album over at the Handheld Heroes page. Also, you better make sure you got little-scales release while you are there!