Zelda Reorchestrated - Ocarina of Time Complete rearrangement released

It has been a long time coming, and a few false starts and offshoots but over the holidays Zelda Reorchestrated has compiled and released their magnum opus. A full length 82 track recreation of the music to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The album is appropriately titled and released as Ocarina of Time - Complete. The lengthy album spans two discs with nearly two hours worth of music. From the Title Theme and classics like Kakariko Village and Lost Woods, to lesser covered tunes such as Deku Tree and Goron City. Even short themes like the Open Treasure Chest fanfare and all the songs played on Link's ocarina.

These songs are all amde with the intended purpose of sounding as if they were performed by live musicians, and according to the ZREO team, were painstakingly collected, rearranged, released, and rearranged again over several years to create something they can truly be proud of. The album can be downloaded in full or in part through the albums main page.You can also check out some words from the team themselves, who I had the chance to interview back in this sites younger days, over through their announcement post for the album.