Sorry about the delay and New Year's post finally

So as you may have noticed i have been somewhat MIA lately. the reason for that is an unfortunate hard drive crash just after the holidays, which left me with no ability to post anything for the past few weeks. Now that I have a new PC though, expect me to take up my usual near daily posts about video game inspired music throughout this new year.

Also since, although late, this is my first post of the year, I would like to thank everyone who has helped us in the past year as well as since our inception as a website. They are far too plentiful to name, but the chiptune, nerdcore. VGM, and VG remixing communities have all been incredibly kind, helpful, and friendly and I owe them nothing but gratitude and thanks. Not to mention everyone who has physically helped out with the site by writing, providing content of any kind, and helping with artwork and design. Fellow bloggers also included, bringing VG inspired music to the masses is far from a one man job, and I am glad to find a community of writers who are more than happy to help one another and be all in this together.

Most of all thanks to all the people who read this site and spread the word about it. you are what I keep this site going for, and what gives me the motivation to write about this wonderful niche of music every day. Also, of course, have to give thanks to each and every artist, musician, and band who work so hard to provide such amazing music (and usually for free!) which is deserving of far more recognition than I could ever give them on my own.

Well now that all the thanks are out of the way. I would like to cordially tell you all, happy new year! I hope, nay, I plan that this year will be the biggest yet for this site and VG inspired music in general. Let's make it happen!