Gaijin Games wants your artwork in Bit.Trip Runner

That's right, Gaijin Games is looking for some talented pixel artists to take things a bit lo-fi. Alex Neuse of Gaijin states, "We're lookin' for some "4-bit" graffiti art for one of the levels in BIT.TRIP RUNNER, the fourth game in CommanderVideo's epic journey of AWESOME!...We’re looking to use an undetermined amount of these fan-generated pieces in-game, so this is your chance to go down in history as a BIT.TRIP CONTRIBUTOR!"

Gaijin is looking for a boxy style similar to the past games in the Bit.Trip series. You can submit your artwork at this Gaijin Games post, or email it to info[AT] So if you are unfamiliar with what that style is, you best to download the first three games in the series over on Wiiware right away.