Betamod Netlabel rises from the ashes

As you may or may not recall from the early days of GM4A, I used to speak a lot about the amazing chiptune albums coming from the camp over at Betamod. Unfortunately, after a hacker broke the website, the Betamod netlabel slowly faded into the internet of yesterday.

Just recently though, Player Two, head of Betamod, has announced that he has redesigned, and relaunched Betamod for the new decade! There are a ton of what I consider classic chiptune albums available once again on this site, and I highly recommend you head over and peruse their old releases (Particularly the Next Level compilation, and the Twilight Division EPs) at All music on Betamod is free to download as well. I for one am very glad that Betamod is back and hope to hear much more out of them throughout the year.