VGIM Classics - Shael Riley - Toybox

A few days ago was the nerdcore VGM rock virtuoso Shael Riley's birthday. As I am a huge fan of Shael Riley I figure this is a good time to take a small look back at an album that was released before this site first started, and give it some much deserved recognition. I, of course, speak of Shael Riley's 2005 release Toybox.

Thirteen tracks of various moods and subjects all told via catchy melodies, synths, great singing, and the worlds worst drum programming. Covering many nerdy topics from sucky jobs, chicks from the internet, to DnD. Also Shael's foray into more esoteric territory with songs like Rock the House and Revenge of the Mullet. Not to mention what should be nerdy anthems like Down With Bane and Arguing on the Internet.

There isn't too much to say about this album except that for me, it stands out as what I feel will be considered a classic nerdcore album. After catching up and hearing it in 2007 it quickly shot to the top of my list of favorite albums ever, VG inspired or not. After four more years that have continued to see the evolution and progression of nerdcore and VGIM there is still nothing quite like this album. Download it for yourself free from the appropriate page on Shael Riley's website.

Also be sure to check out the first song I ever heard from Shael Riley, over on OCReMix, If you have never heard it I think you will find it quite enjoyable. And if you want to wish Shael a late happy birthday catch him on Twitter or dig a few of his tracks on Thesixtyone.