Pixelh8 And The Revolution album release

Incredible and multi-talented chiptune artist Pixelh8, whom I have praised before, has released his latest effort, and it was well worth the wait. And The Revolution is eleven tracks filled with out of this world chiptunery. From the soaring opener The Girl From The Future to the robotic dance rhythms of Out On The Floor the album spans plenty of moods and shows Pixelh8's incredible ability to take his chip knowledge into every genre and explore every landscape.

This is an album I have been anticipating ever since his 2007 release of The Boy With the Digital Heart (which I also recommend). You can find the new album through Pixelh8's music store as well as iTunes in both America and UK and almost all other fine mp3 retailers. Expect a full track by track review and more from me about this album in the near future as well!