Mecha_B.E.A.R. Farewell To Ohms and Indentured Lovables EP release

New York based VG inspired musician Mecha_B.E.A.R. has released two new albums recently. The first of which is the experimental Farewell to Ohms. The album does a great job creating very video game influenced tunes, but with the use of various sound effects and instruments he creates an interesting palette of sounds. From the sounds of streets to glitched out crunches to ominous pianos the album has a bit of everything. To me the album sounds a bit as if one took a japanese bullet hell game and set it in the world of Castlevania. The foreboding sounds and instruments create a great juxtaposition with the fast paced drums the record provides. The arrangements definitely stand out on this album, and makes a very catchy but sonically deep album to listen to. You can find out for yourself and download the impressive 16 track album directly through Megaupload.

The most recent release we have from Mecha_B.E.A.R. is the Indentured Lovables EP (Available through this Megaupload link). This five song, 20 minute album is a quick ride through lo-fi sounds, samples, and beats. Once again sounding like a catchy fusion of Japanese bullet hell shoot-em up techno. The album does slow down in parts, such as with the mellow upbeat vibes of Roppongi, or gets a bit surreal with the sample fueled rhythms of Delorean (yeah, guess what movie he samples there). The album culminates with a funky instrumental rendition of Rock With You by Michael Jackson. The cover sounds as if it came from the cave music of an unreleased Michael Jackson RPG. A very catchy and original sounding cover to say the least, and a funky way to end the album.