Dual Core - Next Level album release

If you were to be a long time reader of this blog, you can imagine that I am quite a large fan of cross continental nerdcore all-stars Dual Core. Well with the coming and going of Nerdapalooza 2009, the seminal group has released their newest effort, Next Level. You can grab the album at the bands official site, or through popular places like Amazon and iTunes as well.

Their fourth album in just about as many years as a duo, Next Level is an amazing step up musically and lyrically just as with the movement from each former album. From the hard rocking beats of opening track For You C64 comes out of the gate heavy while int80 gives thanks to the fans who have brought the team so much success over their career. From there we go on an aural trip through a tabletop game through the nerdcore looking glass in Natural 20s as well as reminiscing about the early days of the internet in I Remember (ft ytcracker). The espionage fueled story of The Game detailing the life of a hacker, and one of the stand out tracks of the album of grade-a material. Also for avid users of Twitter we have the amazing posse track known as Magnificent Seven which is stated to simply feature "Nerdcore" (which more specifically includes Random, Beefy, Schaffer The Darklord, MC Frontalot, ytcracker, and MC Lars) and includes all included artists throwing down short twittercentric lines throughout the entire song. If you were at Nerdapalooza last month you will definitely remember this song as a highlight of the album.

Another fun song is the all too common woes of Here to Help (ft Remington Forbes). The song takes you through the day in the life of one of the many help desk operators in one of many companies and is a song any of the tech saavy can relate to if you ever had to help a family member with their computer problems. Showing the other side of int80's skill as a lyricist is the personal and heartfelt track Painting Pictures which just has to be listened to.

The album comes to a close with the epic track simply named Alright. This song shows off the amazing skill of both C64 and int80 to finish off this phenomenal album. Be sure to grab your copy from dualcoremusic.com right now!