Treewave - 10inch EP release

The Texas based, and apparently mysterious Tree Wave have released their newest effort, 10 Inch, free to download. The EP boasts four tracks of wild lo-fi chiptuned out shoe-gazing grunge rock.

From the opening track onewordb with it's busy background music and relaxing vocals, to the more hard rocking realworld8 which leads down to an ambient ending with repeating female vocals and synthesized bells and tones. The third track, plentyc kicks off where the last track ended. With more soothing vocals which build up to a breezy tune led by more female vocals, and catchy synths. This eventually leads to the song breaking down into heavier and heavier distorted sounds until the close of what has become my favorite track on the EP. time29, the closing song, brings back some distorted guitar work along with some spacey music and high flying vocals, which fade into nothing and brings the album to an end.

This album is certainly a good one to check out if you are looking for something a little different, and is well worth a listen. Head over to to download it free.