little scale - Dynasty release

Once again Pause netlabel releases another amazing chiptune album filled to the brim with intense sounds and incredible music. That album is Australian chiptunist little-scale with his EP Dynasty. The two track EP is a glitched out two track romp through the epic kingdoms of the past. Or as Pause describes it "little-scale’s ‘Dynasty’ combines the minimal with the progressive, exploring the use of sonic morphologies, complex textures and hypnotic timbres. Recorded from a Sega Master System and a NES."

The album is a simple two tracks long, but with each song lasting over five minutes each, the EP manages to cover a lot of ground. Dynasty 1 is the first song which has a very glitched out rough and ominous vibe to it. This leads directly into Dynasty 2, which sets off with the same ominous yet lighter tone, until about a minute in, where we reach the inner workings of the song and things take on a more ambient tone. This eventually leads to the upbeat ending. But this suddenly changes direction at the end and becomes a crazy wall of sound until just one beat is left standing until it fades into static.

As with all Pause released and everythint little-scale creates, this album is very much worthy of a listen.