COUCOU Netlabel release Chrono Triggers - Jellyfishes Attack EP, Fish and Chip 8bit - Disco Azzurro EP

Currently trying to catch up with releases here from new to the block chip-centric COUCOU Netlabel. I thought I would highlight the first two releases from the netlabel. First up is the French duo Chrono Triggers with their debut six track Jellyfishes Attack EP. The sometimes glitchy, always techno'd out tunes are an enjoyable listen. Be sure to check out the final track Candy Lead, which sounds like a relaxing yet slightly ominous closing theme to a good side scrolling adventure game.

Next up is the upbeat gameboy fueled music of italian natives Fish and Chip 8bit and their latest release, Disco Azzurro. The EP is 6 tracks of upbeat fast-paced straight chiptune action, with the track I see you on tv being a particular stand out track to me.

You can find these albums and more for free download over at I will definitely be writing about their other recent releases soon so keep an eye out for that as well!