11Hz Robot releases Blurred and Crushed EP & Like Anything EP

Two new releases come to us courtesy of California based 11hz Robot. The first of which is Blurred and Crushed, a somber, mellow stroll through various sounds put together using Little gp Tracker on PSP. The six songs clock in at just under 20 minutes and provide a calm, yet interesting and catchy soundtrack to the peacefulness of everyday life. My personal favorite track is the upbeat Today and Yesterday We Fall, which opens softly, but builds a catchy beat into an uplifting piece.

Recently 11hz Robot has also released the five song, 15 minute EP Like Anything. This album takes a slightly seedier approach to 11hz Robots work on Blurred and Crushed. Overall the song emits the same upbeat and approachable tones of the aforementioned album, but slides in a hint of remorse and tension into some pieces of each song. My personal favorite track from this album is the gltch infused sounds of the cleverly titled bored or border. The chirps and bleeps gain a progressively crunched and glitchy tone, but the catchy main beat keeps things in line. This takes us to the out of tune build up that closes the song wonderfully.

I would like to close this article by saying that these two EPs are wonderfully relaxing and worth downloading. Both are available free at 11hzrobot.muxtape.com. Also check out the new video below for Start Again, the opening track from Blurred and Crushed.

11hz Robot - Start Again from 11hzRobot on Vimeo.