Nitro Game Injection #120: Skyrocket Slam

Nitro Game Injection is back with their 120th episode! The podcast is a look into VGM as well as the VGM doujin and remix scene, hosted by the very capable KyleJCrb and Larry "Liontamer" Oji. This could possibly be the longest running VGM related podcast around it seems. Anyway, episode 120 was released on July 4th, which might give meaning to the title Skyrocket Slam. Check out the newest episode at and check out the info for their newest podcast below

Happy Alien Invasion Day! To help tide you over between the food, booze, and explosives, we have a brand new episode.

Kyle shows that he did not do the research on any discussion points, and unashamedly peddles for money via the NGI Amazon Store while Larry dreams of being famous and mounting 22-inch rims to his wall while swimming in dollar bills. They also discuss the many lyrical interpretations of Mega Man, hate on RPGs, pay tribute to the loss of game development’s whipping boy Duke Nukem Forever, and as always, much more!