Grandmaster Pink - Nerdier Than You mixtape album release

About a month ago Australia based nerdcore rapper Grandmaster Pink released his new mixtape Nerdier Than You. Tons of video game samples, not to mention the good beats, and Australian flows and great production all over this album.

This is a smooth and laid back album, with great beats, a few covers, and a discussion on sammiches. Certainly a stand out album that people should definitely have in their nerdcore collection. Grandmaster Pink's style definitely stands out from many other artists, a shame he lives in Australia so I won't be seeing a live show from him anytime soon.

Anyway, pay particular attention to my personal favorite tracks Facts First, a laid back track about the opposite sex. My other favorite is the chiptune rock rap awesomeness of Gameboy Sniper which is all about who Grandmaster Pink is and how awesome he is. Definitely a stand out track on the album. That's not to say that these are the only two tracks on the 16 track album that deserve a listening, quite the opposite. The whole album is definitely worth giving some attention to, so check it out!