Chiptots - l.i.g.u.e.o.s.p.i.x.e.!.s album release

So soon after Chibi Ma wrote about their latest EP Chiptots are already back with their first full length album l.i.g.u.e.o.s.p.i.x.e.!.s, and as anticipated it is truly something amazing!

The eleven song album picks up where the self titled debut ended. With more catchy rhythms, chippy chirps, video games samples, and rock and roll attitude. Unfortunately, as with their last release, I don't speak Portuguese so sadly I have no idea what their songs may be about. Luckily it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of their hard rocking tracks. Hopefully I may have a fuller review of this album out soon as I am a huge fan and this small blurb can in no way do this impressive album justice!