Bud Melvin - Popular Music LP release

Amazing and possibly only chiptune/banjo musician Bud Melvin has released his latest album in both 12-inch vinyl and digital release. The Popular Music LP is available as a digital download, both free, or starting at $6.50 for a special edition with bonus tracks from budmelvin.bandcamp.com/ or you can order the Vinyl and learn more about the album from the album page at budmelvin.com.

The album is an amazing fusion of funky country tinged banjos, sometimes smooth and sometimes hard rocking vocals and spacey catchy chiptunes. The simultaneously ridiculous yet deep vocals are definitely worth a lot of attention too. From the opening track The New New Real Real Folk Blues "Read it on the internet, Chip music is dead...Read it in Wired magazine. There's a whole new kind of scene, I know it must be true, they interviewed someone famous." to the metal influenced vocals of Dethroned "You don't own me, you can't dethrone me, you'll never clone me, you don't even know me." The vocals, along with the music, reaches a large expanse of musical range. This is definitely the type of album where every song stands out from the others. I've been a fan of Bud Melvin for a while now and highly recommend this new catchy album, along with all his amazing older works if you haven't checked them out yet!