alex mauer - Vegavox 2 album/cartridge release

What can possibly be said of alex mauer? Both an amazing chiptune musician, and artist alex mauer has released his new album Vegavox 2 via pause in both mp3 and nes rom cartridge format for free download (link to download here). Not only this, but for the big fans and collectors, alex mauer (with coding by nocarrier) also saw fit to make this his third album to be released on an actual Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge! For $30 the limited edition one of a kind Vegavox 2 album will be yours to place into your NES and rock out with the lovely on screen graphics and effects. For a taste check out the preview below.

Now as for the actual music. It's of course stellar to say the least. Kicking off with Zenith the album comes with a space age tune but the following track Floating Point has us searching through a deep dark cave. Gravity Hill brings us out of the cave and into a dangerous forest, and from there we arrive at the Law of Cosines, which is the boss battle if there ever was one! The album is quite on the short side but doesn't suffer for it. As mentioned the music will take you on a catchy trip from one land to another and you will enjoy every beat and pulse of it!