STG Compilation Album release

So thanks to a vague email, and an equally vague website, I have been informed about the Japanese STG Compilation MEGABURAKKUREBERU (download through this link or translated version). To the best of my understanding (though I may be wildly off, please inform me if I am) this album is a compilation of Japanese DJs and remixers creating music inspired by, taken from, and a tribute to the shoot-em-up genre of video games. The album has definitely grown on me, and is certainly an interesting techno, breakbeat style album. There are many other styles represented on the album through the 16 tracks as well.

For a new experience I certainly recommend this album, it is a free download of course, and certainly does get you in the mood to go it alone against endless waves of alien ships. This album has also caused me to investigate several of the bands from this album, so you can expect posts in the future from artists on this album such as Shako-Pani, NESS1943, dj-bit, and more.