My Parent's Favorite Music - Testing the Waters album release

Big news, HUGE NEWS, The highly anticipated new album Testing the Waters from My Parent's Favorite Music has finally been released. After the baffling ordeal that happened earlier this year, Steffo of MPFM returns from Japan and drops this amazing 9 song album for the masses. The album is available through the MPFM website for the price of $10, and for your troubles you also get an awesome sticker and button. Here is some more info straight from Steffo himself about the album.

The new album and 1st of set of 6, highly (not really highly) detailed pieces of a map. These will be the albums that I'll be working on until I croak. These won't be masterpieces, but they will be a good amount of my life summed up into these tiny little packages of paper and plastic. Every bit of this thing was put together by myself with the help of some of my online buddies.